PHN Fashion Fix | Beyoncé making history with the September 2018 issue of Vogue

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On the September 2018 issue of Vogue, Beyoncé makes history. Beyoncé tells in an essay for Vogue’s September 2018 issue, about her journey to body acceptance following the birth of her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, in June 2017.

“After the birth of my first child, I believed in the things society said about how my body should look. I put pressure on myself to lose all the baby weight in three months, and scheduled a small tour to assure I would do it. Looking back, that was crazy. I was still breastfeeding when I performed the Revel shows in Atlantic City in 2012. After the twins, I approached things very differently.” - (

That’s not the only topic Beyoncé touches she also speaks about her life, heritage and many more.

“My mother taught me the importance not just of being seen but of seeing myself. As the mother of two girls, it’s important to me that they see themselves too—in books, films, and on runways. It’s important to me that they see themselves as CEOs, as bosses, and that they know they can write the script for their own lives—that they can speak their minds and they have no ceiling. They don’t have to be a certain type or fit into a specific category. They don’t have to be politically correct, as long as they’re authentic, respectful, compassionate, and empathetic. They can explore any religion, fall in love with any race, and love who they want to love.” - (

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