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Tonight! ALL NEW Basketball Wives Season 6 Season Finale at 9PM on VH1 #BasketballWives

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On today episode of Basketball Wives Season 6, “Finale” Evelyn receives an advanced copy of Ta’kari’s manuscript and reads excerpts to Jennifer and Shaunie. Tensions are high as Jackie and Evelyn sit face to face. Shaunie and Jackie’s friendship is tested when Shaunie finds herself caught in the middle.

So! What Is Written In Ta'Kari's Book?....... Look below as while at the beach Evelyn, Jen, and Shaunie read excerpts from Ta'Kari's upcoming book about Jackie.

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  1. Im a very big fan of the show but they could of left jen and evelyn off this season i feel like evelyn is messy and been messy so she could of stayed off the show and as for jen what she dont know she need not speak on first of all my favorite chicks on the show is shaunie jackie and tammy and malaysia the rest NOT and i feel like what ever goes on in jackies personal life is no ones buisness point blank i dont see her digging in yalls life and further more evelyn is a shit starter u threw punches at jackie first talking about go take care of your grandkids so she really threw the first punch at jackie and how ever they both was wrong and i also feel like shaunie is choosing sides with evelyn which is wrong real friends is neautural and dont pick sides like tammy and malaysia. and evelyn how u gone be mad because no one wants to join alliances with u toward jackie u cant choose who hang or is friends with jackie because your not your just being a petty betty but you've met your match cause jackie ain't scared of u im glad she's standing her ground your nown to be a bully but none of the woman are scared of u thats why tammy was gone beat that a__ lol my opinion but i love the show