PHN Preview | Game of Thrones Ep. 7.64 Spoils Of War

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PHN Preview: Game of Thrones Ep. 7.64 Spoils Of War
By: BeingRome

Let’s get in to it. Last week of GOT was CRAZY. I mean, WOW. It really had me in shock for a minute. Jon Snow made it to meet Daenerys but refused to take the knee and pledge his allegiance to her, so now he is unable to leave the castle…although he is not a prisoner, lol. The unsullied made it and overtook Casterly Rock only to discover one, it was too easy, and two, the ships they came in on where being destroyed by Euron Greyjoy’s fleet. This brings us to Jaime who headed to House of Tyrell to kill Olenna Tyrell and overtake Highgarden. Which he did.

With so much going on, I almost forgot about Mormont being helped and cure by Tarly. Which led to Mormont being released, and Tarly getting some recognition for what he did. On tonight’s episode Daenerys fights, back. Jaime faces an unexpected situation, and Arya comes home.

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