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On today episode of Basketball Wives Season 6, Shaunie invites the ladies to Miami to take a trip down memory lane. Kijafa Vick and Jeniva Samuel invite the ladies on a gorgeous yacht. Jackie is stuck on a boat with Evelyn and confronts Shaunie about an interview she did about her.

Jackie Can't Handle The Tension With Evelyn…… Look below as when Shaunie and Evelyn arrive on the yacht, Jackie chooses to remove herself from the stressful situation.

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  1. Shaunie is a hypocrite. Evelyn has done 10x the damage and assaults than Jackie could ever do. You are a sorry ass friend and not a friend of Black Women. Who cares that you r thru with Jackie She should b through with you. You should be trying to get Jackie and Her daughter to a therapist,instead of talking about it while disclaiming: It's none of my business..Then Shut r the instigator, you are the common denominator. You need to go behind the camera..You r soo predictable anf played out. So much going on in community and still airing bullshit.

  2. Malaysia and Brandi need their own show..

  3. Make make more community involvement with the cast. You r acting indifferent as if you not aware. Show some mentoring, show some charity work. All you r showing that Black women r drunk fighters no matter that they r blessed with a platform of privilege