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PHN Preview | Claws Ep. 1.08 – Teatro

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PHN Preview: Claws Ep. 1.08 – Teatro

Last week’s episode of Claws was something else. Roller tricked that crazy lady into going to South Beach for her Art Show and she took along for the ride. It wasn’t long before Roller made his escape. What a coincidence that it was the same weekend as Dean’s showcase. While making his escape who should Roller see but Virginia and Dean. Speaking of Virginia and Dean did you see that kiss? Hmm, Desna is NOT going to like that at all when she finds out.

Now back to Roller, just when we thought it was all over for Roller, he is picked up by the strange men that had been watching the Clinic in prior episodes. On Tonight’s episode, there is a shocking revelation affecting the entire crew, Jenn finds unexpected solace in her square-dancing instructor, Hank. Polly uses all her powers of bad for good, for the first time, while Quiet Ann is torn about a big decision. Scary times are in store for Virginia, but for Desna most of all. Desna just can’t catch a break, smh. Make sure to tune in tonight at 9:00pm EST to catch it.

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