Thursday, January 26, 2017

PHN Florida TakeOver Thursdays | Fiyah Hott Music: JaPee - ‘305 City Niggaz’

PHN Florida TakeOver Thursdays features JaPee #FIYAHHOTTMUSIC entitled ‘305 City Niggaz’. JaPee the Miami upcoming artist is bringing the heat and blazing the street with his well-known hook “305, 305, 305!.” The single ‘305 City Niggaz’ showcases what he’s been through and doesn’t popularize all the “glitz and glam” of the Miami life that most people are accustomed to hearing or seeing.

JaPee talks about real-life situations that most face on a day to day bases, not only in the 305 but all over. The song has a very relatable vibe, and a very catchy hook that will be sure to have you saying 305 305 305 …even if you’re not from the 305.

LOVING IT this is FIYAH HOTT!!!!! Click Play Below! ........  Feel free to leave a comment or rate your opinion!

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