Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PHN FemCee-Vember Edition | Solé – ‘It Wasn’t Me’ ‘4,5,6’ and ‘Who Dat’ [VIDEOS]


Solé known as Tonya M. Lumpkin (born Tonya M. Johnston on July 17, 1973) is an American rapper from Kansas City, Missouri. Solé started her career as a hardcore female rapper by attracting attention in the summer of 1999 with her appearance on J.T. Money’s hit single “Who Dat.” “Who Dat” reached No.1 on the US Rap chart, No.2 on the US R&B chart, and No.5 on the US Hot 100.

In September 1999 she release her debut album ‘Skin Deep’ which was an overall success in the United States. On October 25, 2010,  Solé confirmed that she will work on her second album. In February 2012 she featured on a song called “A new look” by Focus.  In April 2012 Solé shot a music video with one of Ginuwine's artist know by the name of PyRo. The song was titled "Make it hot" and the video was released via YouTube on June 30, 2012. The video received many positive reviews from Solé and Ginuwine's fans.

On March 1, 2013 she confirmed via her Instagram account that new music was coming soon quoting "To those of you who were waiting new coming soon" ~Solé

Source: Wikipedia, YouTube


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