Cars with the boom,

PHN FemCee-Vember Edition | L’Trimm – ‘Cars with the boom!’, and ‘Grab It’ [VIDEO & SONG]

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L’Trimm was a Miami bass hip-hop duo composed of Lady Tigra and Bunny D, two women from Kendall, Florida (an area of Dade County, slightly south-west of Miami). The group recorded three albums for Atlantic RecordsGrab It! in 1988 (before the two of them were eighteen), Drop That Bottom in 1989 (which led The Source to name the group Hip-Hop Goddesses of the Month), andGroovy in 1991.

Lady Tigra (Rachel de Rougemont) and Bunny D. (Elana Cager) met in high school, and regularly attended Skylight Express, a teen-night dance club in Kendall that featured live performances by national hip-hop artists (including LL Cool J and Salt-N-Pepa), as well as local Miami bass music and artists such as 2 Live Crew and the Gucci Crew. They were featured dancers on the syndicated TV show Miami Teen Express that was taped and aired every week throughout South Florida, Atlanta, Metro New York and was produced by Douglas Productions which produced a string of local and syndicated cable programs. The girls quickly struck up a friendship when they discovered their shared love of all things hip-hop. Tigra was an amateur graffiti artist, poet and break-dancer who wrote rhymes. Bunny D was a classically trained dancer and performer who also wrote hip-hop lyrics. The duo formed a group called XTC and would battle boys during their lunch period. Female emcees were a rarity at the time and the girls soon gained the attention of local rapper Mighty Rock of the group Double Deuce, who used to drive them home from school. One afternoon, Mighty Rock needed to stop by the Hot Productions studios. During the meeting, Tigra and Bunny went into a recording booth and began rhyming for fun. Paul Klein of Hot Productions caught the girls and employed Larry Davis to construct somehook-oriented tracks for the group, around the girls' pre-written rhymes. Tigra was 15 years old and Bunny was 17 years old when the girls signed with Hot Productions.

Source:, YouTube